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Discover why Red Boy is the trusted source of quality wagyu cuts in Singapore.

Prominently Big in Japan

All of our wagyu are directly from Japan! ​

At Red Boy, our wagyu comes mainly from Japan as we specialises in curating the finest wagyu cuts available in Singapore. Our cattle are humanely raised by our Japanese breeders through their dedication, careful genetic selections and feeding program in the pursuit of creating an experience for connoisseurs unmatched by any other beef.

Curating the Best

Wagyu excellence always

With its exceptional marbling, superior tenderness and exquisite flavour, Japanese wagyu can be considered the pinnacle in world of wagyu. Each wagyu meat cuts offered at Red Boy, is graded in accordance to the Japanese wagyu grading system whereby it represents our values in ensuring our wagyu cuts are always of top quality and consistency.

Freshly Delivered

Upholding our logistical consistency

We understand that wagyu is without a doubt, the best and most expensive beef that money can buy. We are committed into delivering our wagyu boxes in pristine and top condition to all our customers. We believe that every product at Red Boy, carries our mark of esteem from us to you.

Wagyu Members’ Club

Connecting Wagyu Enthusiasts Together

There are bountiful reasons to set yourself into the world of gourmet produce, it is the passion and the drive that set the motion going. Get involved and immerse yourself into a whole new world of culinary excellency that speaks a unified language. The food of love…

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