Welcome to REDBOY

REDBOY sources High Quality Beef & Pork directly from all over the world

About us

REDBOY subscribes to premium meat products and masterful food and services in our pursuit of excellence. The approach to our business is nestled between business excellence and meat sustainability to offer sophisticated customer experiences, quality food products.

The establishment of our wagyu butchery combines our meat subscription services with our retail outlet to create a sustainable food synergy that sets the benchmark in the F&B retail market in Singapore.

The little things we do and we big things we set forth are aligned to our goals to be:

  • The Best Purveyors of Meat Produce.
  • Masters of Meat Aging, Meat Infusion & Charcuteries.
  • The Preferred Partner for Nurturing Expertise & Creative Collaborations

Our Vision

The endless pursuit of excellent meat products and to be Asia’s top wagyu butchery.

Our commitment

  • Quality Products & Ingredients
  • Experiential & Invigorating Interactions
  • Educating & Imparting of Knowledge
  • Innovation & Creativity in Meat Aging and Charcuteries
  • Sustainable Partnerships and Collaborations