Cooking Time: 20min
Difficulty: Medium
Recommended Cut: Sirloin, Ribloin


Japanese Wagyu (thinly sliced sirloin or riblion, etc) – 500g (17.6 oz)
Beef tallow – 2 pieces
Leeks – 2
Onion – 1
Shungiku (chrysanthemum greens) – 1/2 bunch (80g (2.8 oz))

Sugar – 50g (1.8 oz)
Sake – 150cc (0.6 US cup)
Soy sauce – 80cc (0.3 US cup)

Optional: Tofu and shiitake mushrooms are recommended to enrich the flavor. Shungiku can be replaced with Chinese cabbage.

Cooking Method

1. Cut leeks diagonally into 1 cm (0.4 in) slices. Cut the onion in half
from the top. Then cut it across the fibers in 0.8 cm (0.3 in) thick
slices. Remove the shungiku leaves from their stems and cut the
stems into 5 cm (2 in) chunks.
2. Heat the iron sukiyaki pot, add 1 piece of beef tallow to the pot
and let it melt. Spread 1/3 of the meat flat in the pot and lightly
brown the bottom of the meat. Pour 1/3 of (A) over the meat.
Lightly simmer and eat.
3. Wipe the bottom of the pot clean and add the remaining beef
tallow. Add the leeks and onions and let them simmer. Move the
vegetables to the edges of the pot, add the remaining meat to
the middle of the pot and let the meat cook. Add the remaining
A and shungiku and cook until ready to eat.